Saturday, June 14, 2008

cuts and changes

last night was great- we had rehearsal from 4-6, and it was good, helpful.  The show ran just a little over 1.30- that's good- much quicker.  Last night i was able to see some stuff I needed to cut and change and tweak and work on.  I got to bed late and i woke up early.  I did the cuts and e-mailed them to all.  I feel better.  I feel a sense of satisfaction at getting rid of the muck.  i know i have not answered all questions perhaps, but i feel closer.  my hope is that the cuts and changes will stream line things for the actors, (and audience!) so that scenes can run without that halting feeling of stop-start.  i made subtle changes and maybe i am being optimistic because i hope for big returns on small clarifications.  anyway, the good thing is- this development process allows me to do this- give it to the actors and director, have them implement it and see how it goes tonight.  i suspect there will be more as the show goes on.  have a good day, thank you for calling Parner, Moft and Gape.

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