Thursday, June 12, 2008

last night

last night was great- second night in - i think it was 4 or 5 minutes shorter, ahhh... this is a good thing; i imagine it will keep getting tighter each night. i hope for 4 minutes off tonight and then again on friday and again on sat. It ran 1.42, and it seems like a show that should be 1.30. but we are still working out cues etc. is faster always better? i suppose no, but a lot of times it helps- just to go. the actors again killed me- there is this one new silent bit with Dick- though i have to say that the actors told me last night at Acme Bar, that they can hear the only ones laughing at it are rubin and I- that sort of cracks me up. the director and playwright laughing at something in the play that the audience doesn't. we think they will eventually. but it is too priceless to cut. okay this is crazy: so you know how they had only 10 rehearsals- yes only ten and then a performance in front of an audience- well there is an office phone that rings a lot during the play, and the 3 performers/office workers take turns answering it- well puzzo and liz told me the first night that when the phone would ring, they would look at each other in terror b/c they really had no idea who was to answer the phone- i can't imagine that anxiety. did i mention i am happy not to be acting? watching this process, and what the actors do, just once again confirmed that i am calmer as a person writing- sitting on my arse, and writing, than performing, and rehearsing and memorizing- i remember loving it- but it also gave me anxiety. i imagine when my daughter is grown and i am older and calmer i will do it again. i think so. well, see you at the theater i hope. xo rebecca

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