Thursday, June 05, 2008

I Had A Dream Last Night

I dreamt about Dick.  We took a cruise.  It was an amazing ride on the huge white boat.  The water was choppy and we were tossed around and the waves from the sea came crashing down on us.  We were wet.  Then we found a life boat and we snuck on board.  It was raw passion and I was instantly impregnated by Dick.  Afterwards, he insisted on wearing my panties, odd I thought but who cares I am caring his baby!  My stomach swelled and I went into labor right there, Dick helping me the whole time.  Finally, the baby was delivered but when I looked down it was a baby calf.  Dick swooped it up and insisted it looked just like him. He tried to breast feed it but I woke up.  Hmmmh? Maybe, it was all that raw food last night.

Fur is dead.


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Anonymous said...

I'm loving this blog. A great opportunity to see inside the process. Fantastic!