Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PERFORMANCE #1 Tue 6/10/08

Tuesday 10th June ... First performance

Running time 1 hour 46 minutes ... most agree that we'll cut some time over the next few days, and this'll help both the comedy, and the darker side.

Props note: we're going to move the newspaper (now you know).

Did you see last night's show? If so, please tell us what you thought - just add a comment.

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Beth said...

It was 100 degrees outside and I had walked 2 miles (for some ungodly reason) to get to the theater. After grabbing a much needed beer and wipe down, I entered a packed theater. The energy was all excitement with a great turnout by LAB members and friends. After a curtain speech by director John Rubin explaining the process, actor Michael Puzzo walked on stage and began the daily task of dumping the mail on his hapless co-workers desk and we were off... I was really eager to be seeing a straight-up comedy by LAB.. the actors were great with loads of chemistry, I could definitely feel the creative energy flowing throughout. The taped out set intensified the confinement of the space and added to the always claustrophobic nature of office life. Rebecca Cohen has written a play that explores office politics and the fucked up roles that people fall into to a tee. If you've ever eaten shit or told someone else to go see this play!!