Sunday, June 01, 2008


rehearsals have gone extraordinarily well- so well i won't bore you with the blah blah blah of how well.  all i will say is my dreams of having fun in rehearsal have come true.  the actors, as i thought they would, crack me up- i am laughing the loudest at appropriate and inappropriate times.  this might seem conceited; "loud laughing playwright laughs hardest at own play"- i have a fear of this when the show goes up, will people say, gee the playwright really thinks she is so goddamn funny.  but i must say- it is truly b/c the actors are beyond funny, they slay me.  they have been so emotionally available and inventive, and John has so beautifully directed with clarity and space to allow them to do their thing, and discover, while shaping the play precisely.  there i did it, i bored you with the mushy gushyness of my feelings, i shall stop now. Julian told me yesterday that Harvey Korman died.  He was a great comic genius, and so lovely.  Goodbye Harvey, thank you.   

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