Friday, June 13, 2008


well... to blog or not when things don't go well.  i would not be being honest if i only blogged when i was gushing over how fabulous the actors are.  so although this is harder to put out there- I must say- i did not love the show last night.  not that there weren't many wonderful moments, scenes, but something was off.   it is so wild how theater does that- well b/c it is live- so there you have it.  it's like having a bad day, or losing your patience with you child when you've been the coolest mom for three days in a row, and then you ask yourself, who am I?  
Here are some thoughts:  It started off with stakes too low, the intensity of scene one was down. the audience was quiet and it wasn't a full house, and it was only their third night in front of an audience, they are still getting used to that, and i still feel they are waiting too long for some stuff, like stairs and entrances.  so not great- but still i didn't lose any hope- let's keep it in perspective- still only 13th rehearsal, so jeez what do we expect. best, r  

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