Saturday, June 28, 2008

PERFORMANCE #15 Sat 6/28/08

Closing Night!

Running time: 1 hour, 16 minutes.

Stage Manager reports: "We came, we saw, we rocked it out. It is always nice to end on a high note and I sure think we did. Everyone turned in fine performances; it was a great night. Well that is about it on my end, just want to thank everybody for all there hard work. I heard that these things are hard, but when you have a good team around it is a walk in the park. Thanks to everyone."

Closing night party at the Telephone Bar & Grill ...

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Anonymous said...

More mad hatters tea party than, as the author suggests, Carol Burnett show, this script would leave the dadists wondering. The frenetic herky-jerky direction by John Gould Rubin only adds to the inanity. The actors, who I will allow to remain nameless out of deference to their future careers, do the best they can in this jumble of styles and meaningless drivel, and actually turn in remarkably good performances. Carol Burnett and Vera Wang should have a cease and desist order executed.

Anonymous said...

truly is sad to acquire individuals who do not demonstrate the same drive and determination